Shooting stars & Pirates

 It’s almost time to start the sunday evening chores…..ironing, ironing and a bit more ironing!

The weekend has flown by, but then I always find that happens when I’m in front of the PC for most of it. I really need to sit down and start beading as I have orders to meet and long make list that isn’t going to get done on it’s own!

I did have a good afternoon taking pictures of my latest projects to see how best to go about providing a good picture to go with some (yet to be thought out) marketing.

Last night there was a meteor shower (v. late) so there were some shooting stars, or falling stars as they are also know. Brilliant!

Prior to a bit of star gazing we caught the evening showing of Pirates of the Carribbean, which was quite entertaining….I really must watch the first one again- maybe the ending might make a little more sense that way :)….perhaps I’ll do that whilst ironing…

Anyhow – ironing can’t be put off forever…..can it?

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