A lot can happen in 3 months……..

It’s been a few months since I’ve really found the time to post. My 9-5 has been hectic and stressful, with few days that were actually 9-5, more like 9-8, and then there was the Christmas rush on eBay, so it’s been very busy designing, creating, listing, packing, posting and the good news is, it’s continuing into 2007.

So since November it’s been fairly busy. Slightly frustrating too as I have many creative and business ideas, but as always very little time in which to act on them.


This month saw the creation and design of a new range of spectacle cords. All hand beaded with seed beads, bugle beads and swarovski crystals. I’ve taken to making these whilst watching the Osprey’s thrash their opponents. It means I can time myself quite nicely to make these, which is one cord completely finished by the time the whistle goes for half time and Gavin is rushing to the changing rooms to apply fresh hair gel. All change for me too as I select a new set of colour beads, grab a cuppa and as the whistle goes to start the second half (and Gavin is re spiked) then I am also ready to make the next spectacle chain.

Within a week both had sold.

Then came the idea for bookthongs, or bookmarks as my mother prefers!

Quicker to make, easy to design and they make fabulous Christmas presents. During November demand started to increase, with even some custom orders requested.


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