Progress Markers

Motivation can sometimes be hard to come by, especially on those larger projects that perhaps have a monotony of rows. Our progress markers can help you to see just how much (or how little) progress you have made in whatever time frame you select – hour, day, week, month etc. Just clip to your most recent knitted or crocheted stitches and watch the marker travel south* as you knit away!

* ok so this isn’t a magic progress marker

With a wide range of designs, there’s a progress markerfor every project and in our collection some of our best selling designs are featured.

Choose from a police box, seahorse, unicorn, turtle, bird, owl, Don’t Blink, and WIP sweater on the needles and more. Our progress markers can really help every project, from a toe up sock to a cardigan or blanket. Just clip and go!

Progress markers can also be used to mark rows and specific stitches.

Of course we love to see our markers in use on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so why not follow us and tag us in your images with our markers. You’ll find us under AtomicKnitting on Instagram and Twitter and AtomicKnitting1 on Facebook.

Progress Marker for Breast Cancer CharityAlso included is a special progress marker for breast cancer charity with 50p from every marker sold going to Cancer Research UK. With your help we’ve raised over £720 for Cancer Research and our fundraising page is here.

Prices range from £0.99 to £1.45 depending on the design.

Our unique designs are only available on our website.

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