10 things you should know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers 

For those who knit and crochet, a stitch marker can be a valuable piece of kit to keep your knitting or crochet project on track. We’ve grown our business around this fundamental knitting accessory that has proved a popular addition to most project bags.

We would be lost without ours – the beaded cabled scarf project below used Halo rings to track the cabling and counting markers to track the number of stitches, acting as a reminder to add the beads (although for those counting the stitches in the photo, the 20 markers were used in place of 10’s and the 50 is used as a mid point count). Using the stitch markers in this way, made this project much more enjoyable to work on, without fear or losing/gaining stitches or adding beads in the wrong place.


Here’s 10 things to know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers:

  1. Stitch markers can be used to mark the start of a round in magic loop knitting (knitting in the round). Use a clip on style marker for best results.start stitch marker
  2. Our stitch markers for use on the needles are mostly closed rings to stop yarn being caught in the ring or worse, snagging the yarn.carnelian-stitch-markers
  3. Row markers clip onto stitches. Stitch markers can also clip to stitches and can sit on the needles.jasper-crochet-single
  4. Atomic Knitting make specific markers to aid garment knitting. Front, Back, Left arm, Right Arm etc. Handy when working on several pieces at onceleft-right
  5. Our choice of stitch markers is pretty huge! Right now we have about 300 different types of stitch marker in stock.polo_best12
  6. Our stitch markers travel thousands of miles every year. From the UK, our furthest customers are in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, USA and Canada. Local currency transaction is available on the website.map-of-the-world-ak_2016
  7. We supply many yarn shops all over the world. Does your LYS stock us? We’d love to hear from them.
  8. We’ve sold 10’s of thousands of stitch markers worldwide and we produce stitch markers everyday from our studio.
  9. We regularly donate proceeds of a selection of our products to Cancer Research UK, raising over £725 so far.
  10. Our business is 10 years old this year and very much looking forward to the next 10 years of our journey.

Thank you to all our customers for your support over the last 10 years!


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