Blogging Challenges

The Procrastination Frustration of Blogging

Over the past year or so, I’m acutely aware that this blog has become a little neglected. Try as I might, the content just hasn’t materialised. I guess it’s been a case of not really knowing what to write about, that I feel is interesting to my readers.  A constant stream of product descriptions, whilst somewhat informative for some, is not how I envisaged this blog to be.

I find it completely overwhelming to sit looking at a blank screen with the expectation that the words will just magically form on the screen to write a decent blog. To make matters worse, clicking through other peoples blogs for inspiration only results in feeling a bit demoralised by the whole thing, followed by the thought that ‘next week will be better, I’ll have had time to think up a great blog post‘. Next week comes and goes with much the same activity of procrastination and frustration.

It’s quite possibly the worse thing to do.

Time to get out of this rut.

The Problems

  1. Lots of ideas, no focus and a bit (a lot) of writers block and a dash of procrastination.
  2. Finding something interesting to write about
  3. Making it relevant

The Solutions

  1. Pick one, any idea…..write something! Just do it. As they say.
  2. Pick an angle. Make it your own.
  3. It doesn’t all need to be knitting related. By far the best performing post on this blog at the time of writing is nothing to do with knitting. It’s my recipe for Irn-Bru Pulled Pork. Seriously! It’s amazing btw.
Irn Bru Pulled Pork

Irn Bru Pulled Pork

The Challenge

I’ve decided that the only way to get back on track is to jump back into the blog and start writing. I’ve set myself a challenge to write a blog post every Wednesday.

W i t h o u t  fail.

If I get organised and into it, I may even post  t w i c e  a week, gasp! We will see…..

The Added Incentive

As an added incentive to myself and of course the readers of this blog, I will be writing an additional blog later this week about an upcoming long-term promotion at Atomic Knitting.  It’s very exciting, novel and of course geared towards our fabulous customers.

There. That wasn’t so hard.

Challenge set & accepted. Yay!

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