October Club – Gemstones

Gemstone Stitch Marker Club

The October Monthly Mystery Stitch Marker and Notion Club opened exclusively to club subscribers on 12th October. 

The theme this month  Gemstones

As the club is a mystery, we don’t give out all the details or show an image as we don’t want to spoil the surprise! Here’s a breakdown of the quantity, size and type of goodies this month.


There was a selection of semi precious gemstone themed stitch markers available, including the semi precious stones

  • hematite
  • turquoise
  • amazonite
  • rose quartz
  • carnelian
  • jasper
  • amethyst
  • cherry quartz
  • tiger eye
  • midnight onyx
  • chrysoprase
  • rhodanite

These pretty stones were combined to make the stitch markers and keeper. The set will include: 


  • 7 x semi precious gemstone stitch markers on gold plated findings (Make Your Mark & we’ll customise these stitch markers for free – choose from 4mm, 7mm, crochet clip, 6mm/removable or a mix of sizes)
  • 1 gemstone keeper with gold plated detailling
  • Free shipping


This release is initially limited to 10 sets.




October Gemstone Stitch Marker Club



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