RETROSPECTIVE collection 2019

Retrospective Stitch Marker collections

Having a clear out nearly always throws out something that makes me say ‘huh, will you look at that!‘. Whilst rearranging the studio last week, I came across some old marketing leaflets dated Spring 2009. That’s a lifetime decade ago, Wow! Where does the time go…


After a few nostalgic minutes looking through the leaflet, I realised I still have a few of these beads left and had been wondering what to do with them. They’ve been safely boxed up since the studio move last year, and this seemed a perfect opportunity to dip into a retrospective look, in line with our 13th Birthday celebrations (yes, they will be lasting all year!).

These sets are strictly limited in number, and it really will be a first come, first served opportunity to own the last of these special stitch markers.

Retrospective Collection

Retrospective Collection

Each set is made by hand in our studio in South Wales. This collection has been freshly made today (no old stock here!). The beads used include Cloisonne painted beads and Swarovski bicone crystal beads with gold or silver plated round metal beads.

The sets are available to be customised with our Make Your Mark service, giving a choice of ring sizes and clasps.

The RETROSPECTIVE collection will be live on the website at 7pm on Thursday 9th May.


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