RETROSPECTIVE collection 2019

Retrospective Stitch Marker collections

Having a clear out nearly always throws out something that makes me say ‘huh, will you look at that!‘. Whilst rearranging the studio last week, I came across some old marketing leaflets dated Spring 2009. That’s a lifetime decade ago, Wow! Where does the time go…


After a few nostalgic minutes looking through the leaflet, I realised I still have a few of these beads left and had been wondering what to do with them. They’ve been safely boxed up since the studio move last year, and this seemed a perfect opportunity to dip into a retrospective look, in line with our 13th Birthday celebrations (yes, they will be lasting all year!).

These sets are strictly limited in number, and it really will be a first come, first served opportunity to own the last of these special stitch markers.

Retrospective Collection

Retrospective Collection

Each set is made by hand in our studio in South Wales. This collection has been freshly made today (no old stock here!). The beads used include Cloisonne painted beads and Swarovski bicone crystal beads with gold or silver plated round metal beads.

The sets are available to be customised with our Make Your Mark service, giving a choice of ring sizes and clasps.

The RETROSPECTIVE collection will be live on the website at 7pm on Thursday 9th May.


Row Counting

…without doubt the best knitting accessory I have ever purchased! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Wow! What a response we have had to our sweet little beaded row counters in the last few weeks. The row counters can be used in several ways, not least to count up to 99 rows using the clasp marker supplied to count the units, in the same way as an abacus.

Row Counter Chain

Atomic Knitting Row Counter Chain

The row counter can also be used to track pattern repeats and they can be customised directly from us for particular pattern repeats. I use mine all the time for tracking cable repeats!

With plenty in stock the row counters are available in two sizes, to fit needles up to 4mm (these will also fit 5mm needles) and slightly larger to fit needles up to 7mm, and we have a good choice of colours!



It’s been 13 years…

…since we sold our first set of stitch markers! Wow, that’s gone so quick!

Atomic Knitting is 13 years old

Atomic Knitting celebrates 13 years of stitch markers!

Back in 2006 we had started making few sets of stitch markers to aid knitting projects and decided to sell a few sets on eBay to test the market. At the time there were only a few plastic sets around in shops and none of the accessories that we carry today.

Later in the year we did a local craft fair (our first and last!) as we also had an online bead shop. After making a tough call to choose which business to take forward, the niche of stitch markers won! It was risky at the time but it was well worth the adventure!

The hobby became a micro business within a few months, and we had and still have many regular customers and wholesale orders.  A year or two later and we started exhibiting at multiple knitting and fibre shows every year. We’ve met lots of our lovely customers and it’s thanks to our customers that we are thriving after all these years.

The Butterfly and Swarovski Stitch Marker Set was one of the first set of stitch markers sold, and as a ‘Happy 13th Birthday to Atomic Knitting‘, we’re bringing them back for a limited time. Back in 2006, each set sold for £5 and we are going to stick at that price. Available now in limited numbers, these pretty stitch markers will be presented ribbon tied on card and they make a pretty gift or treat for yourself.


Counting Stitch Markers

There’s something about these sets that are so satisfying to create and use! Use them to mark pattern sections and rows, count pattern repeats and track your progress day to day.

Counting Stitch Marker Sets

Make your mark with our counting stitch markers

Each set of 10 stitch markers can be customised with our free Make Your Mark service at the point of sale. Choose from needles sizes 4mm and 7mm, removable markers or clasps.


Beaded Point Protectors

This time of year is usually a little quiet when it comes to sales and because of that, we have a bit of time to design and create new products. Today we are showcasing our beaded point protectors in three new designs.

A beaded point protector can be used to protect the needle tips and keep the needles together whilst the knitting is on the needles. Its big feature is that the caps are joined together allowing the needles to remain a pair. Not only does it prevent the annoyance of losing the spare needle down the side of the sofa, but the point protectors also work to ensure the stitches stay on the needle.




Minimalist Stitch Markers

…they don’t need to be just functional, they can be beautiful too.


Hexagonal Minimalist Stitch Markers Knitting

Hexagonal Stitch Markers

Our new hexagonal snag free stitch markers are available in three colourways, gold plated, silver plated and rose gold plated. They are designed to fit knitting needles up to 7mm and do a perfect job of reminding you to check the pattern. Their stylish minimalist look is fresh and modern and look great on the needles. Sold in packs of 10 per colour, or a mixed colour pack of 15.


Shown here on a 5mm needle. Available to Buy Here


A time out

We’re going to be taking a little break for a few days next week and the studio will be closed. The website will remain open and orders can be placed at any time whilst the studio is closed. All orders placed after Wednesday 6th June will be dispatched on Wednesday 13th June.

Our June Mystery Club sign up will commence in mid June – don’t forget to sign up here to be the first to receive the secret link to the limited edition club.

GDPR updates

We’re in the process of updating our policies and mailing lists in line with the new GDPR that comes into effect next month (on 25 May). As well as ensuring that we meet the new guidelines, this also means that to continue to subscribe to any of our newsletters, you’ll need to confirm that you’d like to carry on receiving our updates.

The emails have gone out today, so please take a minute to update your preferences.




January Club is Sold Out!


January Club – ALL GONE!! …but there’s always next month!

In under 36 hours from the emails going out, our first Mystery Stitch Marker Club sold out during Pre-order. Wow! Thank you to everyone who took part, I hope you love your monochrome surprises!

The club details will be revealed at the end of the month, to allow time for the overseas orders to reach their recipients. In the meantime, here’s all the club orders ready to ship! Oohh Shiny!


Don’t worry, the February club will be available to Pre-Order next week…. sign up for the email to be the first to hear about it.sign-up