RETROSPECTIVE collection 2019

Retrospective Stitch Marker collections

Having a clear out nearly always throws out something that makes me say ‘huh, will you look at that!‘. Whilst rearranging the studio last week, I came across some old marketing leaflets dated Spring 2009. That’s a lifetime decade ago, Wow! Where does the time go…


After a few nostalgic minutes looking through the leaflet, I realised I still have a few of these beads left and had been wondering what to do with them. They’ve been safely boxed up since the studio move last year, and this seemed a perfect opportunity to dip into a retrospective look, in line with our 13th Birthday celebrations (yes, they will be lasting all year!).

These sets are strictly limited in number, and it really will be a first come, first served opportunity to own the last of these special stitch markers.

Retrospective Collection

Retrospective Collection

Each set is made by hand in our studio in South Wales. This collection has been freshly made today (no old stock here!). The beads used include Cloisonne painted beads and Swarovski bicone crystal beads with gold or silver plated round metal beads.

The sets are available to be customised with our Make Your Mark service, giving a choice of ring sizes and clasps.

The RETROSPECTIVE collection will be live on the website at 7pm on Thursday 9th May.


Row Counting

…without doubt the best knitting accessory I have ever purchased! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Wow! What a response we have had to our sweet little beaded row counters in the last few weeks. The row counters can be used in several ways, not least to count up to 99 rows using the clasp marker supplied to count the units, in the same way as an abacus.

Row Counter Chain

Atomic Knitting Row Counter Chain

The row counter can also be used to track pattern repeats and they can be customised directly from us for particular pattern repeats. I use mine all the time for tracking cable repeats!

With plenty in stock the row counters are available in two sizes, to fit needles up to 4mm (these will also fit 5mm needles) and slightly larger to fit needles up to 7mm, and we have a good choice of colours!



July Club Revealed

The July Monthly Mystery Stitch Marker and Notion Club opened exclusively to club subscribers on 20th July for pre-orders and shipped on 26th July.

The theme this month Counting Cast On!


There was a selection of six exclusive Removable Counting Stitch Markers in this set and will include:

  • Two of each of the following numbered removable markers:
  • 25, 50, 100 (prefer another ring size? No problem, pop a note on your order and we’ll customise your order for free – choose from 4mm, 7mm or crochet clip)
    • Free shipping 

This release was limited to 25 sets.





This club really was a joy to put together and the watermelon theme and colours were a late addition but worked so well. An additional beaded watermelon stitch marker was also included as an extra treat.

These cast on counting markers are so useful in order to keep track of counting not only the cast on of a large project but the continued tracking of stitches on each row knitted. Using our cast on counting markers, it’s easy to track each row for missing or additional stitches, especially when they are sectioned off with the markers.

In addition to this club, we also created other instructional markers designs


Atomic Knitting’s Mystery Stitch Markers & Notions Club

Launching today! Our new monthly mystery stitch marker & notions club! Yay!

It’s really easy to join in the fun, there’s no tie-in, no upfront monthly fees and it’s open to all. Each month, we’ll notify you by email when the club is available with a secret link and you can decide if you would like to purchase our exclusive limited edition club notions.

We like to keep things simple, so here’s how it works:


1. Sign up for our Monthly Mystery Stitch Marker & Notion Club email here to be the first to hear about each monthly launch.


We recommend adding our email address to your address book to ensure the email doesn’t end up in the spam folder! You’ll get a notification email when the club opens. 

2. We’ll send a notification email with a secret link each month. The mystery sets will be limited editions with only 15 sets per month available to purchase. From exclusive stitch markers to pattern tamers, themed mini crochet hooks to Portuguese pins plus lots of other accessories, we plan on bringing exclusive designs into the club. Each month will have something different, making it easy to pick and choose to suit your needs. If you decide not to purchase in a particular month, that’s absolutely fine and you’ll continue to receive the monthly club emails. There’s no obligation to purchase.

If you are thinking of buying a club release, we recommend purchasing when the pre-order email comes out (via the secret link), usually three days before the club is openly available to all on the website. The club will ship on the date specified in the description for that month. Once the club is sold out, then it will close.

3. The exact products each month will remain a mystery until they arrive with you! We will describe the type, quantity and sizing of the mystery product eg 1 x 4mm stitch marker but all other details will be a secret, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise. There should be enough information to decide if you would like to buy.

4. For UK customers, there are no shipping costs to pay for the monthly mystery clubs, as we’re making it easy to pre-order and we won’t delay any other order that you may place at the same time (unless you specifically ask us to!). Non UK customers – At this time club orders ship with the shipping costs as specified here.

5. Want to join in? Go on! There’s going to be some very special notions available that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

January club is available to Pre-Order now….



pattern marker

How to use a pattern tamer

Our pattern tamers/markers can be used with paper patterns to keep track of each row or section that is knitted.

Pattern Marker how to useSimply place the pattern in-between the pattern tamer and slide it down the pattern with each row worked. Use two pattern tamers to section off parts  of the pattern that you are following. This technique should make it easier to follow the pattern and keep your place. It’s also useful to leave on your pattern ready for your next knitting session, then you can just pick up where you left off. Easy!

We suggest also using a row counter to help keep count of the rows and a lifeline with complex patterns.

Until Midnight Sunday 21st August, we’re having a flash sale with 19% off (to celebrate Team GB’s 19 gold medals won to date) with coupon code Rio16 entered at checkout. Shop now!

How to use a stitch marker

Every week we take a look at one of our products in a little more depth. This week we’ll start with our sweet stitch markers, that we began selling 10 years ago and are a staple on our website and in our knitting bag.

What is it?

Simply put, a stitch marker is really just a memory device. That’s it.

It’s there to help you remember to check your pattern. Perhaps it’s a tricky section, or there needs to be some increase/decreases/yarn overs/beads added/stitch change/start/stitch counts… name a few.


How to use one

Stitch markers can be placed on the needles or on a specific stitch depending on pattern requirements. When you reach a marker, check you pattern, remove it from the needle (move to the other needle) and knit per pattern.

Sometimes they are added on large sections to count stitches (we have special ones available for that). Stitch markers can be used in a variety of ways to aid your knitting projects and we’ll be giving more hints and tips on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click to follow us.

Want to know more about us? See our 10 things you should know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers

Like to buy our stitch markers? Click here to see our shop.There’s 20% off until 7th August 2016!