Row Counting

…without doubt the best knitting accessory I have ever purchased! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Wow! What a response we have had to our sweet little beaded row counters in the last few weeks. The row counters can be used in several ways, not least to count up to 99 rows using the clasp marker supplied to count the units, in the same way as an abacus.

Row Counter Chain

Atomic Knitting Row Counter Chain

The row counter can also be used to track pattern repeats and they can be customised directly from us for particular pattern repeats. I use mine all the time for tracking cable repeats!

With plenty in stock the row counters are available in two sizes, to fit needles up to 4mm (these will also fit 5mm needles) and slightly larger to fit needles up to 7mm, and we have a good choice of colours!



We’re not doing Black Friday

This year we are offering 15% off all orders over £10* as a seasonal Thank You to all our customers!

BC_Cornerstone_Carosel_1400_400_TY2*excluding wholesale and custom orders, until midnight 28th November.

This past week we’ve been creating lots of new designs, ready to go into the shop over the next few days. New listings will be added daily, as many studio pieces are one of a kind and this offer is expected to be very popular!

Do come over and have a browse, there’s bound to be something for your knitting friends & family, or simply a treat for yourself.

With best wishes


Counting Stitch Markers

This week we’ll take a look at counting stitch markers. These are used in the same way as stitch markers and are colour coded or numbered/lettered or both!

They can be used on the needle to count stitches across the needles – handy for a 300 stitch cast on – simply use a counting marker every 25 or 50 to make it easy to keep track of the cast on. Leave the counting markers in place while knitting your project, and should you drop a stitch/yarn over one, it should be easier to spot the mistake by counting stitches in each section. Counting markers can also be used to track pattern repeats or sections, especially useful for repeating sections or complex patterns with stitch variations.

In the studio we produce two types of numbered markers – those labelled 1 -10 which you can use as you wish on your project, and a second type with higher numbers on 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 etc designed specifically for a cast on. These cast on counters are very popular and do sell out quickly, so why not subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to keep in touch with when we release each batch.



How to use a stitch marker

Every week we take a look at one of our products in a little more depth. This week we’ll start with our sweet stitch markers, that we began selling 10 years ago and are a staple on our website and in our knitting bag.

What is it?

Simply put, a stitch marker is really just a memory device. That’s it.

It’s there to help you remember to check your pattern. Perhaps it’s a tricky section, or there needs to be some increase/decreases/yarn overs/beads added/stitch change/start/stitch counts… name a few.


How to use one

Stitch markers can be placed on the needles or on a specific stitch depending on pattern requirements. When you reach a marker, check you pattern, remove it from the needle (move to the other needle) and knit per pattern.

Sometimes they are added on large sections to count stitches (we have special ones available for that). Stitch markers can be used in a variety of ways to aid your knitting projects and we’ll be giving more hints and tips on the blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Click to follow us.

Want to know more about us? See our 10 things you should know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers

Like to buy our stitch markers? Click here to see our shop.There’s 20% off until 7th August 2016!


Our 20% Summer Sale is extended to 7th August!

Our sale is extended by 1 week, with 20% off nearly everything at Atomic Knitting (not including wholesale). There are some fabulous reductions, so why not stock up on a few essentials ready for your next knitting or crochet project.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

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20% off everything – and not just stitch markers!

Here in our studio, we don’t just make stitch markers for knitting, we also produce lots of other handy gadgets for knitting and crochet. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them before?

With 20% off until 31st July (use code AK20 at checkout), why not try out something new, or perhaps upgrade some of your knitting gadgets? We have some absolute bargains on the website at the moment!

Here’s a few highlights….

Ever fancied a mini crochet hook or stitch saver? Save £1 off the RRP, with mini hooks from just £4. Use them to pick up dropped stitches while you knit. Clip them to your knitting bag and you’ll never be rummaging for a crochet hook again!


We love our earrings, they’re a bit quirky and fun. All with 20% off this week….


Our DPN keepers are just perfect for keeping those DPNs together with or without knitting on. We like the coffee bean design which are exceptional value during the sale at just £3.99  (reduced from £5.99)



These are just a few of our products, with many more available at

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10 things you should know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers 

For those who knit and crochet, a stitch marker can be a valuable piece of kit to keep your knitting or crochet project on track. We’ve grown our business around this fundamental knitting accessory that has proved a popular addition to most project bags.

We would be lost without ours – the beaded cabled scarf project below used Halo rings to track the cabling and counting markers to track the number of stitches, acting as a reminder to add the beads (although for those counting the stitches in the photo, the 20 markers were used in place of 10’s and the 50 is used as a mid point count). Using the stitch markers in this way, made this project much more enjoyable to work on, without fear or losing/gaining stitches or adding beads in the wrong place.


Here’s 10 things to know about Atomic Knitting Stitch Markers:

  1. Stitch markers can be used to mark the start of a round in magic loop knitting (knitting in the round). Use a clip on style marker for best results.start stitch marker
  2. Our stitch markers for use on the needles are mostly closed rings to stop yarn being caught in the ring or worse, snagging the yarn.carnelian-stitch-markers
  3. Row markers clip onto stitches. Stitch markers can also clip to stitches and can sit on the needles.jasper-crochet-single
  4. Atomic Knitting make specific markers to aid garment knitting. Front, Back, Left arm, Right Arm etc. Handy when working on several pieces at onceleft-right
  5. Our choice of stitch markers is pretty huge! Right now we have about 300 different types of stitch marker in stock.polo_best12
  6. Our stitch markers travel thousands of miles every year. From the UK, our furthest customers are in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, USA and Canada. Local currency transaction is available on the
  7. We supply many yarn shops all over the world. Does your LYS stock us? We’d love to hear from them.
  8. We’ve sold 10’s of thousands of stitch markers worldwide and we produce stitch markers everyday from our studio.
  9. We regularly donate proceeds of a selection of our products to Cancer Research UK, raising over £725 so far.
  10. Our business is 10 years old this year and very much looking forward to the next 10 years of our journey.

Thank you to all our customers for your support over the last 10 years!

Studio Specials

Released today – our latest collection of studio specials. Yes, we’ve been having a tidy up and found quite a few one off pieces that we discount at checkout by 10%. There is only one of each of the needle holder designs that have been released today.  Available to fit 4mm or 5mm needles, simply slip over a pair of single point needles to keep them together and the knitting from falling off.

Here’s our favourite, despite being a gemstone, this little number reminds us of those chewy sweets…you know the ones!


10 Years of Atomic Knitting celebrations


This year we are celebrating 10 years of Atomic Knitting and each month we have some special offers on the website together with a lot of behind the scenes projects, one of which was to revamp the website. We’ve still got a few little bits to tidy up (it’s always an ongoing project!) however, the new look website is up and running and we hope you like our new look!

This month we are celebrating our Mini Crochet Hooks and Progress Markersby combining them as a special set. Our mini crochet hooks were first available in 2010, launching at Wonderwool Wales that year. Since launching we have sold many sets including a special edition that so far has raised over £720 for Breast Cancer Research UK.

Our favourite theme of food is behind this set and our special sets of a Donut mini crochet hook and Gingerbread person Progress Markers are available for £7, with 10% off at checkout until 18th May. If this set isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of other mini crochet hooks to choose from.

Now we are 10


One of our first shows in Birmingham

We can hardly believe that this year is our 10th year of business as Atomic Knitting! I still remember the first local craft show that we did and how it seemed that no one had heard of a stitch marker, let alone knew it’s purpose.
The past 10 years have been an exciting journey from a small hobby to a small business, from local fairs to national exhibitions and of course to our customers from Cardiff to California and London to Tokyo, we’ve certainly learnt a lot along the way. Thank You so much for your support!

We are celebrating our 10 years by thanking our customers and offering some special discounts and exclusives for all our valued newsletter subscribers.

This month we are offering a 10% discount on everything on the website when you checkout with code AK10. Remember if you spend over £15, the postage is free too.

best wishes