10 Years of Atomic Knitting celebrations


This year we are celebrating 10 years of Atomic Knitting and each month we have some special offers on the website together with a lot of behind the scenes projects, one of which was to revamp the website. We’ve still got a few little bits to tidy up (it’s always an ongoing project!) however, the new look website is up and running and we hope you like our new look!

This month we are celebrating our Mini Crochet Hooks and Progress Markersby combining them as a special set. Our mini crochet hooks were first available in 2010, launching at Wonderwool Wales that year. Since launching we have sold many sets including a special edition that so far has raised over £720 for Breast Cancer Research UK.

Our favourite theme of food is behind this set and our special sets of a Donut mini crochet hook and Gingerbread person Progress Markers are available for £7, with 10% off at checkout until 18th May. If this set isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty of other mini crochet hooks to choose from.

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